President's Welcome

Welcome to North Catholic High School! I believe our school will steer your student to success during their time at North Catholic and for the years that follow.  We offer a comprehensive academic curriculum as well as very competitive athletic and activity programs.  We endeavor to do all of this while remaining true to the magisterial teachings of the Catholic Church with the idea of providing a welcoming environment to all students.

President Wilson

As President, I strive to create an environment filled with optimism towards the future.  Empowering students, faculty and staff from day one brings a collective focus on success. Through scholarships, facility improvements, and educational resources, every avenue of our institution propels our community towards success.

I am a very proud graduate of the North Catholic Class of 1991.  During my high school years, I felt a tremendous sense of pride in attending North Catholic, the school I deemed to be the best school in the Diocese.  I felt as though my NC peers could outscore, outshine, and outmatch anyone back then athletically, academically, and in any number of activities.  It seemed as if North Catholic graduates were always moving on to top universities.  They were winning forensics, debate, and science awards and finding ways to best their competitors in any number of areas.  In recent years, our victories and achievements bring in those old feelings and I feel like it’s the North Catholic of my high school days.  Our students are moving on to top schools and winning awards for any number of achievements.  My hope is that your student leaves with the same pride for their school that I continue to carry.

I want you to feel like North Catholic is the best school in the Diocese.  Working together, we can build our school community so that our slogan “Forever True” is less of a slogan and more of a way of life. Whether in person, on the phone or via email, I invite you to share with me your thoughts, concerns and suggestions about North Catholic.  Even if my only assistance is prayers, please know that I’m at your service. 


Forever True,
Joseph E. Wilson, President
North Catholic High School