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Scarlet & Gold Day Registration

Calling All 8th Graders!

Scarlet and Gold

We invite you to attend our annual Scarlet & Gold Day on
Thursday, October 24th from 9:30am-1:30pm

Our 8th Grade Visitation Day allows for prospective students the opportunity to interact with our current students
and faculty on a day that's filled with school spirit, fun activities, and much more!
8th graders will see why NC is a great place to be! 

Please fill out the form below to register your 8th grader for this event.

*If your child attends a local Catholic grade school where bussing will be provided, there is a separate form that will be emailed to parents from your school.  The form below is only required for students who will be driven to North Catholic by a parent/guardian for the event.


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We will be hosting a Middle School Tailgate on Friday, October 25th before our home football game at Mars High School stadium. We'd love for your child to join us! Please check the box if interested in learning more information.
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