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Safe Environment

The Safe Environment Policy was created to take reasonable measures to assure that Church personnel who have regular contact with minors are committed to providing a safe environment for children and youth, are capable of identifying and preventing abuse of children, and have no personal history of behavior that would be a threat to children.

The Safe Environments Policy applies to all Church personnel who have regular contact with minors. Church personnel is defined as all adult persons (those 18 years of age or older), whether clergy, members of consecrated life, or laity, who, as employees or volunteers, act in the name of the Church under the auspices of the Diocese of Pittsburgh or one of its parishes.

Completed forms and applications should be submitted online or returned to the NC School Office. Should you have any questions regarding the Safe Environment policy, please contact Aaron Kelly.

Safe Environment Requirements (Clearances)

The Diocese of Pittsburgh requires that all volunteers in ministry with children comply with the Safe Environments Policy which includes the following components:

Once all required certifications and background checks are completed and obtained, please provide copies to the North Catholic Safe Environment Coordinator, Aaron Kelly at akelly@northcatholic.org

All adults who have regular contact with minors are to complete the Diocese of Pittsburgh’s Database Application.  In addition to providing your information, you will be required to read and electronically sign acknowledgement of both the Code of Pastoral Conduct and the Child Protective Services Law.  Once this application is completed, it will also be used to obtain a Pennsylvania State Police criminal record check.

This is required for all volunteers, ages 18 and up, who work in ministry with children.  Complete the online registration to obtain your Child Abuse Clearance; you will receive an email advising you that your clearance is complete.  Log back in to the website to access your clearance and print a copy.  This must be renewed every FIVE years.  Information you will need:

  • Your name and address
  • Social Security Number (this is mandatory; files are stored in a locked area at NCHS)
  • Purpose of clearance is ‘Volunteer having contact with children’
  • List ALL addresses and household members since 1975 — the clearance will be delayed if information is missing.  This includes parents, siblings, children, spouse, roommates, etc.

Required for all volunteers, age 18 and above, who works in ministry with children. This must be renewed every FIVE years.

The “Protecting God’s Children” workshop is required for all adults, age 18 and up, who wish to volunteer in ministry with children. It is an excellent program that truly equips adults to create safer environments for children.   You may either take this class online or you may attend a live session.

To take the class, go to the Diocesan website  and click on “Safe Environment Compliance”; scroll down and click on ‘School Volunteer’.  Go to #4 and make your selection for online class or live session.  Once you have completed the session, please provide Aaron Kelly with a copy of your completion certificate.

Act 126 requires that all school entities (a public school, charter school, cyber charter school, private school, nonpublic school, intermediate unit or area vocational-technical school) and independent contractors of school entities provide child abuse recognition and reporting training to all employees, including contracted substitute teachers and volunteers who have direct contact with children.

Click HERE to access the online training 

Please note:

  • At the very top, click on ‘Registration’ (it is located next to ‘Welcome').  Complete all requested information and submit.
  • Provide new login information.  Then choose ‘rrca_2083: Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse’
  • Keep in mind that you are a MANDATED reporter (not a permissive reporter).
  • You must complete the full three-hour course.  Upon completion, please print your certificate.