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Kairos North Catholic High School

Kairos is a four day-three night retreat conducted by North Catholic High School at a nearby retreat center, and is open to members of the 10th-12th grade classes. It is intended to be a spiritual retreat and an experience of God’s love for all involved.
Retreat registration is conducted online and is on rolling (first come, first served) acceptance. Because of space constrictions, each retreat is limited to 35 total students. The Retreat Master reserves the right to change a retreatant’s date of participation based on availability and retreat logistics.
Students will receive an excused absence for their attendance at the retreat, and though students are responsible for any and all missed class assignments and tests, the excused absence policy will apply. Once a student is confirmed as a retreatant, he/she should inform his/her teacher of the class days that he/she will miss. Applicants should consult with their personal calendar (family obligations, job, activities, athletics, etc.) before confirming participation. If an applicant withdraws from the retreat after having been confirmed as a retreatant, he/she may forfeit the right to participate in a future Kairos retreat, at the discretion of the Retreat Master.

The total cost of the retreat is $200.00, which includes all materials, food, transportation,  and lodging for four days and three nights. Please note that financial assistance is available to those for whom the cost of the retreat would be a burden and that no applicant will be denied participation in the Kairos retreat based on true financial need.

What is the Kairos Retreat Designed to do?

The Kairos retreat is designed to grow students into Christian disciples.  This four-day process provides students the chance to contemplate God’s role in their lives, is based on the spiritual exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola who famously said, “Go forth and set the world on fire.”  While the retreat is a process of inner discernment and discovery between the student and God there is also strong community building, sharing, reflection and trust that goes on as a group.

What does Kairos mean? It’s an ancient Greek word meaning ‘the right, critical, or opportune moment’. In the New Testament Kairos means “the appointed time in the purpose of God,” the time when God acts. In Mark 1:15 the Bible says the Kairos is fulfilled and the Kingdom of God is at hand.  God’s time is also referred to as “Kairos time” reminding us that our lives are filled with God moments. This time is about the movement of God in our lives.

Learn more about the Kairos experience by listening to the podcast featured below where Principal Michael Palcsey and Director of Campus Ministry, Christopher Bayardi illustrate the impact of this North program offering.

Giving students an opportunity to grow as Christian disciples

"Our Kairos Retreat is a great opportunity for students to expand their faith and explore their relationships with God.  It's different from learning the facts in Religion class because you get to apply what you learn in practice.  It's transformative."


Matt, NC '23, Kairos Student Leader

“I’m giving a talk this year on ‘Ideals and Values’ and stepping out of my comfort zone because my experiences are important to share.  It’s time for me to take my faith into my own hands and build a strong foundation now before I set off for college.” 


Riley, NC '23, Kairos Student Leader