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Mission & Core Values

Our Mission
Our mission is the formation of Christ-centered young adults who are leaders in their communities, known by their intellectual, practical, ethical, and human skills.
Our Core Values

NC seeks to cultivate an active and vibrant faith life in each of our students centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and shaped by the living traditions of the Catholic Church. Discipleship goes beyond mere belief and challenges our students to put their faith into action by recognizing Christ in others and serving those in need.

NC seeks to instill the natural virtues of prudence, temperance, fortitude, and justice in each of our students. These attributes will guide their decision making process and help them become men and women of integrity who exercise self-control and treat others with dignity and respect.

Academic Distinction
NC seeks to foster in each of our students a profound love for learning. Through our innovative STREAMM+ Integrated curriculum, our students are challenged to take ownership of their education and make direct application to the world beyond the classroom. As a college preparatory school, our students are ready to excel at the highest level of post-secondary education and professional training in order to become creative contributors in a global workforce.

NC provides opportunities for each of our students to develop and exercise their leadership skills. Leaders inspire others and have the courage to make tough choices. They create enthusiasm and empower those around them to achieve extraordinary deeds.  NC believes that every young person has the potential to be a great leader, and we expect our students to strive toward their full potential.

NC strives to maintain a culture of respect, friendship, compassion, and accountability. Within our high school family we recognize the different backgrounds and experiences of our students and in the midst of this diversity we celebrate the common thread of humanity which binds us together. The deepest expression of our family spirit is realized when we gather together to celebrate the Eucharist as a school community.