Scholarship Opportunities


North Catholic Student Ambassador
In order to be eligible for our North Catholic Scholar Award, incoming freshmen students must meet the following requirements:
  • Complete all components of our North Catholic application process by January 16th, 2024. 
  • Take the High School Placement Test at North Catholic on either November 18th or January 6th.
Students who meet the above requirements will be notified via email if they qualify for this particular scholarship opportunity by February 1st, 2024.  The scholarship application and details regarding the process will be provided to the selected students at that time.
Additional Scholarship Opportunities:
North Catholic has a number of additional scholarships available to students. These scholarships have different criteria and are blended need-based/merit-based opportunities.  Families must complete the FACTS application in order to be eligible for the majority of the scholarships listed below.  The financial aid application opens each year in late January/early February for the upcoming school year.
Please note:  Not all of these scholarship opportunities are available each year, as many are 4-year awards for our students.  
  • Class of '53 Scholarship:  Awarded to a student with financial need, who attended a parish/Catholic grade school.
  • Class of ’59 Scholarship: Awarded annually to students with financial need. Families must complete FACTS application in order to be considered.  
  • Class of '65 Scholarship: Student must demonstrate financial need, be in good academic standing, be involved within the school and community.  In addition, the student must demonstrate behavior that's reflective of the school's values.
  • Class of '66 Scholarship: Awarded to an incoming freshman.  Student must demonstrate financial need, school and community involvement, above average academic performance in 8th grade, and North Catholic's CORE values. An interview by committee members will take place during selection process.
  • Colonel Timothy Parker Scholarship: Recipient determined by the scholarship selection committee
  • Eugene P. Beard '53 Scholarship: Recipient determined by the scholarship selection committee
  • John Latulippe Scholarship: A four year award for a student showing leadership, service, and academic promise.  Applicant must demonstrate financial need through FACTS application.  This award will re-open Spring 2024.
  • Kathy Monti Award: A three year award given to a student who demonstrates the same leadership qualities that Kathy Monti demonstrated (determined by the Monti Selection Committee).
  • Military Alumni Award:Awarded to students with an interest in a branch of the US military and have demonstrated financial need (through the FACTS application).
  • NCHS Legacy Scholarship: Awards students of alumni a minimum of $250 per child, per alumni.  Alumni must be the parent of the child applying.
  • Regis Urschler Scholarship: Awarded to a student demonstrating financial need (through the FACTS application)
  • St. Genesius Scholarship: Awarded to an incoming freshman student with strong academic merit and an interest in performing arts.  To learn more about the scholarship opportunity, click HERE.