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Drama & Stage Crew

The NC Drama Department maintains the philosophy that drama is an activity that encompasses the whole school. There is a place for everyone, and it is the task of the directors to find that place and to allow students to let their lights shine!
Fall Musical
The first fall musical was performed in November 2001. One of the main reasons for setting up an additional musical production was to give students some extra time on stage, but as chance would have it, the fall musical gave the school an opportunity to help to develop new, and sometimes, as of yet, unused, talent.
Because the number of participants is usually small, students become totally involved in the production of the show. They help with sets, costumes and choreography.  Students can also gain an appreciation for what must be done to produce a show of any size.
Spring Musical

In recent years it has been the philosophy of the drama department to include as many students as possible in the spring musical. Students who do not appear on stage are used in the necessary tech areas, managing everything from sets, to lights, to props. Another whole group of students is usually involved in the pit. In addition to using students as working members of the productions, students are also called upon to assume leadership positions. There are now student directors, producers, stage managers and dance captains. These students play a vital role in the communication necessary to produce any show.

One Act Plays
The idea of presenting One Act Plays initiated with a student, who asked the directors of the drama department if they would consider sponsoring some dramatic productions that did not involve singing or dancing, but that would still give students an opportunity to perform on stage. In an effort to keep matters simple, students from the Class of 1999 agreed to direct and produce the plays with adults acting only as moderators and chaperones.
Since then, North Catholic has continued the tradition of student directed fall productions. Some of the plays have been classics (The Diary of Adam and Eve, Mark Twain, 2001); some have been original student works (The Murder of a Billionaire, Megan Minnaugh, 2002). All have been performed on a Sunday afternoon in late October, and all have been well received.
Stage Crew

Stage Crew is responsible for the construction and decoration of the scenes that will be used.  We meet 2-3 times each week leading up to the big musical production.  Students that wish to be a part of set construction are welcome to help as much or as little as their schedule permits and are not required to be at every build.  Participating members will learn the basics of working with tools, construction skills, and how to create theatrical scenery and props.

Stage and Tech Crews assist the cast during musical rehearsals and performances.  Stage crew may set and strike scenery and props from the stage, run spotlights, open and close curtains, or run lights and sound for the show.  Stage and Tech Crews are expected to be at all rehearsals during the week before performances as well as the performance dates themselves.