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Academic Support

At North Catholic High School, we believe that every student can find academic success according to his/her potential. With hard work, accountability, and an individualized support network our students continue to overcome challenges and reach their academic goals.

The following supports are offered to assist student achievement:

Learning Support and Instruction
Students with specific learning needs who have been identified through a multidisciplinary evaluation are supported (this includes IEP’s, 504’s and temporary medical accommodations). Parents are asked to meet with our Academic Support team 1-3 times per year to review the goals and accommodations we are providing.  Students are given the opportunity to work in one-on-one and small group settings with a teacher to support their individual needs during their study hall.  Students with organizational, study, and homework skill deficiencies are guided and monitored to help develop their individual needs.

Other students are identified for placement in the program throughout the school year based on weekly progress monitoring done by the program coordinator.  Placement in the Student Success Program will be individually reviewed and approved by the Academic Support team.

  • Students with documented specific learning needs may be placed in the program.
  • Teachers may refer students to the program based on in-class performance and observations.
  • The Academic Support team may refer students through weekly progress monitoring and review of the Ineligibility Report.

Class Accommodations and Support
Students with documented specific learning needs are given support in their academic classes. Our school counseling office coordinates accommodations and support with teachers through constant collaboration and progress monitoring. Project guidelines, daily assignments, in-class work, and testing can all be adapted (if necessary).

For additional information, please contact our Student Success Coordinator,
Student Success Coordinator