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Faith at NC

As a Catholic-Christian community, North Catholic High School recognizes that Jesus Christ is the true reason for this learning community.  He is the unseen but ever-present teacher in our classes, the encouragement of our students, and the role model for our teachers, administrators and staff. This fosters North Catholic’s identity as a nurturing school inviting all to deepen and openly share their personal faith journey.

We pride ourselves on using the rich traditions of our Catholic identity to build strong leaders who are able to discern their life’s vocation and understand the joy that comes from sharing one’s gifts and talents with the wider community.  By engaging the spiritual life through academics, sacraments, sacred scripture, prayer, retreats and service projects, as well as open discussion and spiritual mentoring our students encounter the full Gospel of Christ.
It is a core value of North Catholic that our students, their families and all in our community live a culture of respect, friendship, compassion, and accountability which embraces a commitment to serving others as a result of their education. As such, all members of the North Catholic community are encouraged to enthusiastically practice their faith alongside their classmates, family, faculty and staff.

Through our many student activities and family faith formation opportunities we strive to empower everyone at North Catholic High School to manifest our central mission; to help all our students grow in the skills that will enable them to make manifest the Kingdom of God.