Alumni Spotlight

The tools that North Catholic provided me with were kicked into full gear the day I graduated-June 1, 1969. Those were the tools to begin my life as an adult. Fifty years later I can still appreciate the the need for order and detail as expressed by English teacher, Mr. Albert Schon, an appreciation for the visual arts instilled in me by Bro. Thomas Giardino, and who would have thought that the typing classes of Bro.Robert Blume would have prepared me to use an electronic instrument that was unheard of fifty years ago, the PC.
Fondest memories of North: My six mile round-trip walk from my Spring Hill home over to Troy Hill, which gave me lots of "me" time. I NEVER rode the bus in my four years at NC. Returning to North immediately after the 1965 North/Central game to "Ring The Bell" after the Trojans crushed the Vikings. Pizza and tuna salad sandwiches on Friday in the cafeteria, back then we Catholic boys couldn't eat meat on that day. However, I think it was a public speaking/speech-writing class during Senior year that had the greatest impact on me and left me with my fondest memory of North. Thank-you NC for growing me-Fortes In Fide.