Middle School Science Fair - February 12, 2022

North Catholic Middle School Science Fair February 12, 2022

Instructions and requirements:

Unique COVID-19 precautions: This year, only student scientists are permitted to attend the fair, as we must limit the number of individuals in the building. Student scientists will need to wear a mask while at the NC campus.  If anything changes regarding these protocols prior to February 12th, we'll be sure to inform the families.

What you are required to bring: Display board, any materials that enhance and explain your project, a good knowledge of your experiment – you may be asked questions by the judges.

Display Board Size Requirements:

The standard presentation board is a three-panel, free-standing structure that folds for ease in transporting to and from your science fairs.
Board size MUST NOT exceed:
Tabletop display: 36” wide (122 cm) x 30” deep (76 cm) x 78” high (198 cm)

Floor display: 36” wide (122 cm) x 30” deep (76 cm) x 108” high (274 cm)

For PRSEF projects: You may follow the presentation style display board required by PRSEF but please also bring your abstract and background research.

For PJAS projects: We will send you a PJAS – Display conversion aid if you would like. See instructions below.

Important restrictions: No hazardous chemicals, no open containers of bacteria or mold – these must be sealed in some way and remain covered throughout the entire fair. Additionally, your display cannot interfere with anyone else’s presentation.

All materials for your experiment must fit on or under the table you are provided. Tables are standard long folding tables.

No water or gas hookups are available. Few electrical outlets are available. If you require an outlet, please state it in your registration and we will place you next to one.

We will be following the PRSEF middle school judging rubric with a few modifications. Please go to: http://www.scitechfestival.com/pdf/JrDiv2013.pdf to view the middle school judging rubric to guide you.

Helpful Hints
A Good Title: Your title should be simple, accurate and descriptive. Make the observer want to know more.

Photographs: Many projects involve elements that may not be safely exhibited at the science fair, but are an important part of the project. Take photographs of important parts/phases of your experiment to use in your display.

Organization: Make sure your display is logically presented and easy to read. A glance should permit anyone (particularly the judges) to locate quickly the title, experiments, results, and conclusions. When you arrange your display, imagine that you are seeing it for the first time.

Eye-catching: Make your display stand out. Include photographs. Use neat, colorful headings, charts, and graphs. Pay special attention to the labeling of graphs, charts, diagrams, and tables. Each item must have a descriptive title. Anyone should be able to understand the visuals without further explanation.

Information from Covestro Pittsburgh Regional Science and Engineering Fair Guide

For questions, clarification of instructions, and PJAS-Display conversion guide, please email Amy Murray at amurray@northcatholic.org


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