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English Department

The English Department at North Catholic High School is committed to providing a quality, Catholic education.  Our texts are carefully selected to ensure we are meeting the academic rigor of our school and state standards, as well as being relevant to current global issues.

Core Course Options

Freshmen Year
English 9: Survey of Literature
Honors English 9: Survey of Literature

Sophomore Year
English 10: World Literature
Honors English 10: World Literature

Junior Year
English 11: American Literature
Honors English 11: American Literature
AP English Language and Composition

Senior Year
English 12: British Literature
Honors English 12: British Literature
AP English Literature and Composition
Elective Course Options
Broadcasting & Mass Media
College In High School: Argumentation (University of Pittsburgh)
Competitive Communication (Speech & Debate)
Journalism I & II
SAT Prep
Extra-Curricular Activities
Newspaper Club
Yearbook Club