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Religion Department

The Religion curriculum at North Catholic High School is adapted from the United State Conference of Catholic Bishops curriculum for the students in our classrooms, and is tailored to evangelize and catechize our students so that they have a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and greater knowledge of His Church. The trajectory of this curriculum is meant to form students in their understanding and relationship with Jesus Christ and His mission, their understanding of the sacraments and the moral life, and then finally teaching them about Catholic Social Teaching and how to live as a Christian wherever they may go.
Core Courses
Freshmen Year
Religion I - Jesus Christ in Scripture, Who is Jesus Christ?
Sophomore Year
Religion II - The Paschal Mystery, the Mission of Jesus Christ
Junior Year
Religion III - Sacraments and Morality
Honors Religion III - Sacraments and Morality
Senior Year
Religion IV - Catholic Social Teaching and Vocation
CHS Honors Religion IV - Catholic Social Teaching, Vocation, Catholic History and Culture
Department Chair & Director of Campus Ministry,
Mr. Eric Campbell