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The E-Portfolio is a student’s website that is also a reflection of a student's future career plans.  This includes research, activities, service, coursework and projects related to their career interests.  Additionally, they showcase their resume and senior year career reflection essay.  A North Catholic sample E-Portfolio can be found at:

Students can login to Schoology and Click on the E-Portfolio Course in order to access:

  • Youtube Tutorials for creating a site
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • PDF Guide of what is expected for completion at every grade level
  • Photos from all Career Development Activities: CAP Talks, Field Trips, College Caravan, Workshops and special events such as the Sophomore Etiquette Lunch, Financial Reality Fair, and Senior Mock Interviews.


Field Trips/Group Job Shadows
We offer hands-on field trips that allow our students to tour local business and organizations. Group Job Shadows allow students to spend time directly with employees so they can learn more about specific jobs and gives them the opportunity to interview employees and get a sense of what can be expected within a career field and what education they might need. 

Providing students the opportunity to witness a career in a real-world setting is an incredibly valuable experience.

CAP Talks
CAP Talks, in which CAP stands for “Calling and Purpose” are career presentations that are held throughout the year for students who specifically have a career interest in a particular field.   Since these are held in smaller setting,  we find this promotes more discussion and allows students to be with like-minded students for a more comfortable atmosphere.   CAP Talks allow students to learn about someone's career path and what they currently do, their education, general advice and students have the opportunity to ask any questions.

Sophomore Etiquette Luncheon
This annual event is a voluntary event held off-campus at a local venue/restaurant in which we bring in an Etiquette Expert to discuss proper business-related etiquette in terms of how you dress and handle yourself during a job interview and then we proceed to discuss the meal etiquette.

Resumé Creation
During junior year, all students participate in resumé creation workshops .  For most students, this is the first time they have ever created a resumé. 

Financial Reality Fair
Also during junior year, all students participate in a Financial Reality Fair in partnership with the USX Credit Union.  Since students have already researched career interests, they use the starting salary in whatever field they have chosen to emulate what they would be making during their first job.  They then have to learn how to manage a paycheck by visiting booths that replicate areas that they would be spending money on such as: housing, vehicles, insurance, food, furniture, utilities, phone, cable, entertainment, etc.  At the end they meet with Credit Union Counselors to review their balance and see if they need to go back and spend less/save more.

Mock Interviews
During senior year, students refine the resumes they created during their junior year and they have the chance to participate in Mock Interviews with employees we bring in from local companies or NC parents and alumni that have volunteered their time. Students then receive feedback on how they did and what they can improve.

Summer College Caravan
During the summer, we visit colleges normally within a 1.5 hour driving radius of North Catholic. We rotate these schools every summer so if a student starts attending when entering 9thgrade, they have the opportunity to visit many different schools!  Since 2016, we have visited over 20 Colleges and Universities. Students tour the campus, see a dorm room and normally have a chance to eat lunch in their dining facilities.   All you have to do is drop the students off in the morning at NC and pick them up when we return in the afternoon.

College and Career Prep Seminar
This course is designed to help students navigate through senior year and prepare for life after high school and will complement the current Career Development program in a classroom setting. This in-depth course allows time in-class for: navigating the college application process, learning how to ask for recommendation letters, essay and resume writing, developing interview skills, performing extensive research on schools and careers (including evaluating cost of attendance and chances of “getting in”, evaluating job market, estimating entry level salaries and cost of living options). Various self-assessment tools, group discussions, and speakers will be utilized to help students gain the professional and leadership skills needed to aid students in their future goals.

Prep for the Future Family Nights
Every fall and spring we offer an evening for NC families devoted to bringing in local guest experts in the areas of: College Planning, Financial Aid, Test Prep and NCAA Athletic Recruitment.    Families are able to pick and choose what sessions they want to attend.

Mr. Anthony Beilstein, Director of College and Career Readiness